Being stuck in a room is boring. Use your imagination to have some fun! Don't let too much furniture get past you or else you'll get bored again. Clear furniture perfectly to build up your combo and get big points.
Some furniture are infused with imagination and will help you clear the screen, watch out for their effects!

Controls: click to (re)start, move your mouse to aim the furniture-clearing laser. Works on mobile!
If the game is confusing (it is visually extremely noisy), think of it as Fruit Ninja with furniture. Unfortunately though, you can't actually swipe on mobile...

Warning: this game loads a bunch of meshes and proceeds to draw quite a few of them onto a screen. Stuff might be invisible for a bit as meshes load.
If you have, say, a chromebook, you might not want to try this. YMMV.

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 37.